C.D.A - Corporacion Dior es Amor (God's Love Corporation)









What is CDA Colombia?

CDA Colombia is a nonprofit organization working to transform Colombian communities in conditions of risk and extreme poverty, in order to create and stimulate progress and to sustain improved quality of life.
They develop programs for formal education, job and human development training, entrepreneurship and job placement assistance, basic health promotion and disease prevention, nutrition, child protection, and emergency humanitarian assistance, basing their actions on the promotion and demonstration of Christian principles and values. CDA have given over 200,000 medical treatments 

Mission of CDA

Our mission is to be evidence of the love of God in word and deed.

Vision of CDA

With a highly committed team, we are working to be by 2013 a leading organization in Latin America, recognized as an agent of positive transformation.

We as a church currently sponsor children from CDA in Colombia. We work collaboratively with a number of churches within New Zealand to support the work of CDA through Child Sponsorship.

For more information on Child Sponsorship please contact Martha Pritchard on 528 1050.

For more information on the work of CDA Colombia, go to - www.cdacolombia.org